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Our agency is committed to providing affordable and suitable homes for people of Native ancestry living in the city of Windsor.

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Click image below to download CAUNH – Family Housing Application or Anishinabe Gamik Affordable Housing Program Application for singles/couple and seniors.


BiimskiinodinEstablished in 1988, through a Community Development Program, a group of volunteers recognized an urgent need to assist the Aboriginal Community in need of affordable housing. Can-Am Urban Native Homes has 81 Single family homes, the Nash Kanonhsa Home (3 apartments), the Biimskiinodin Transitional House for homeless families (2 apartments) and the Anishinabe Gamik Affordable Housing Program for singles/couple and seniors (12 apartments) .

In 1996, Can-Am Urban Native Homes with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation along with other community partners spearheaded a project that restored a Queen Anne 1894 home rich in Windsor’s history to a three story walkup providing three 2 bedroom units.

In 2005, with funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada we created two transitional housing units.

Most recent, designed to expand housing services to seniors, singles and couples  the Anishinabe Gamik apartments were built through a successful proposal submission to Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services.

We currently have 98 units scattered throughout Windsor ON.


  • To acquire, construct, develop, hold, supply, operate, manage, and maintain housing accommodations and incidental facilities for persons of Aboriginal Ancestry in the City of Windsor according to their needs including without limitation, families and individuals and to enter into leases, collect and receive revenue from same.
  • To operate and manage commercial facilities wherein such facilities are part of any housing facility operated by the Corporation.
  • To provide culturally-appropriate social and educational programs and activities that will enhance and enrich the lives of our tenants and others in the community and to strengthen community partnerships.
  • To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for the purposes of the corporation.

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